Apr 112014

Zhongkai Xiang is no ordinary art student, he is a super cardboard artist from Taiwan who creates fantastic models of his favorite characters using his preferred medium, cardboard. His most popular creation, a life-size Iron Man, took him one year to complete, working on it only during his spare time. Other amazing works include a cardboard Optimus Prime from Transformers, skeletons of a T-Rex and a Pterodactyl, and cardboard sculptures of horses, dragons, aliens and birds.

Zhongkai isn’t afraid to tackle unusual materials other than his beloved cardboard, creating one alien sculpture made entirely out of drinking straws.


You can see more samples of Zhongkai Xiang’s cardboard art in the following video, where he talks about his work in an interview with Stan Winston School of Character Arts. The 20-year-old Taiwanese marvel is quite a character himself, at one point stating “Tony Stark’s suit cost almost $1 billion. But mine cost almost ‘zero’”.

Photos and Video Source: Stan Winston School of Character Arts