Apr 112014
Cardboard Man Zhongkai Xiang Takes On Iron Man and Other Fantastic Characters

Zhongkai Xiang is no ordinary art student, he is a super cardboard artist from Taiwan who creates fantastic models of his favorite characters using his preferred medium, cardboard. His most popular creation, a life-size Iron Man, took him one year to complete, working on it only during his spare time. Other amazing works include a […]

Mar 192014
Photographer Adrian Limani Reaches for the Moon

22-year-old Albanian photographer Adrian Limani has captured the world’s attention in a creative series of magnificent moon montages. With photography as his passion, Adrian enjoys traveling and finding interesting things in ordinary places. Here, he uses his power of observation to create unique moon compositions such as a moon dance, a moon slam dunk and […]

LA Kiss Uniforms Hotter Than Hell

 Posted by on March 11, 2014
Mar 112014
LA Kiss Uniforms Hotter Than Hell

In 1979, when I was just 9 years old, a Cuban friend of the family named Albert introduced me to the legendary rock group KISS. In a room wallpapered with posters of freaky, half-naked characters wearing makeup, covered in blood, spewing fire and playing instruments, he pulled out the album KISS Alive II and started […]