Alex Zevallos

Apr 112014

Zhongkai Xiang is no ordinary art student, he is a super cardboard artist from Taiwan who creates fantastic models of his favorite characters using his preferred medium, cardboard. His most popular creation, a life-size Iron Man, took him one year to complete, working on it only during his spare time. Other amazing works include a cardboard Optimus Prime from Transformers, skeletons of a T-Rex and a Pterodactyl, and cardboard sculptures of horses, dragons, aliens and birds.

Zhongkai isn’t afraid to tackle unusual materials other than his beloved cardboard, creating one alien sculpture made entirely out of drinking straws.


You can see more samples of Zhongkai Xiang’s cardboard art in the following video, where he talks about his work in an interview with Stan Winston School of Character Arts. The 20-year-old Taiwanese marvel is quite a character himself, at one point stating “Tony Stark’s suit cost almost $1 billion. But mine cost almost ‘zero’”.

Photos and Video Source: Stan Winston School of Character Arts

Mar 192014

22-year-old Albanian photographer Adrian Limani has captured the world’s attention in a creative series of magnificent moon montages. With photography as his passion, Adrian enjoys traveling and finding interesting things in ordinary places. Here, he uses his power of observation to create unique moon compositions such as a moon dance, a moon slam dunk and a moon ball kick. He has wonderful artistic vision and is able to express it brilliantly using just his camera, his brother as a model, and his playful imagination. As a self-taught published photographer, Adrian Limani provides hope for aspiring image makers with moon-sized dreams.

All images copyright Adrian Limani. Visit to see more of his work or to purchase prints and downloads.


LA Kiss Uniforms Hotter Than Hell

 Posted by on March 11, 2014
Mar 112014

In 1979, when I was just 9 years old, a Cuban friend of the family named Albert introduced me to the legendary rock group KISS. In a room wallpapered with posters of freaky, half-naked characters wearing makeup, covered in blood, spewing fire and playing instruments, he pulled out the album KISS Alive II and started jamming it for me, as loud as he could. So loud, the walls shook. That day, I fell in love with rock-n-roll and KISS instantly became one of my all time favorite rock bands. More for their showmanship than for their music, I must admit. I just loved the whole idea of musicians who looked like super heroes, flying around an electrifying stage, wielding their guitars like mighty Thor’s hammer.

35 years later, KISS continues to smack their brand of brazen entertainment on the face America with the introduction of their new LA KISS arena football uniforms. Just check out the helmet and jersey!

Designed by lead singer Paul Stanley and Hydro Graphics, Inc., the uniform has created a big buzz on Twitter and the internet. From what I’m reading, opinions are slightly mixed. Most people love the new look but some people hate it, taking cheap shots at the design by disparaging it with “flamer” jokes. Not cool. One thing is for sure, “The Starchild” was crankin’ the KISS tunes during the design process. Hits like ‘Hotter Than Hell’ and ‘Firehouse’ must have been blasting in the background when he came up with his main design element… FUEGO. Personally, I like the design and the innovative treatment of the helmet shield and grill. It’s different and looks really HOT, to me.

If there is one thing good design seeks to do is to be unique, to stand out from the pack, and that’s right up KISS’ alley. Over the years, the band has made a fortune from its distinguishable look and branded merchandise, applying their name and logo on everything from traditional tees and lunch boxes, to pinball machines and burial kaskets. That’s right, official KISS kaskets. How’s that for leaving no marketing stone unturned.
I don’t know if these uniforms will help the team win, or if the LA KISS can rock football arenas like the band did music venues (their first game is March 15th), but I’m pretty sure the design will have a positive impact on merchandising sales for the first year or two. With their marketing and design genius, Paul Stanley and his team know that they can offset some initial losses on the field with a solid performance at the sales counter. But at some point, the LA KISS has to play well in order to have fans continue to buy football apparel and merchandise.

If all else fails, Paul Stanley can try outfitting the team with guitars and flame throwers to see if that works like it did back in the ’70s. An era when KISS truly torched the competition.