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Alex Zevallos GIF Portrait

Alex Zevallos

As director and creative specialist, Alex Zevallos works personally with clients to develop corporate branding initiatives, ad campaigns, graphics, sales presentations, websites & social media content, supervising all aspects of final production. Part of his creative role involves maintaining brand design standards across all media, in addition to managing client relations with outsourced personnel involved in the creative process.


From 1996-2006, before launching Zevallos Digital, Alex was partner and Co-creative Director for Honig & Zevallos Brand Communications, a boutique B2B branding agency based in South Beach, Miami. His career spans 2 decades of ad agency life, working many years with notable private and public South Florida companies such as National Beverage Corp. and IVAX Pharmaceuticals.

“I worked with IVAX for 5 years, serving four different marketing managers during that period, and my 13 year relationship with National Beverage continues to this day, something I am most proud of.

While I hold a Associate of Arts degree from International Fine Arts College, it wasn’t until my internship and subsequent employment with Creative Communications Design, Inc. in 1990 that I really began to learn the art of commercial advertising, using real-world marketing scenarios.

Much of my time is currently spent producing digital content for client websites and social pages. Still, I enjoy designing brand logos or developing ad campaigns whenever I have the opportunity.

Everything I design and produce these days happens right on my Macbook Pro using the Adobe Creative Master Suite. I like to keep up with evolving media, but I am a traditionally trained commercial artist, so new technology doesn’t preclude me from doing concept sketches on a napkin during a lunch meeting. #OldSchoolDesign.” – Alex Zevallos


Photography by Alectron Dorfman

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